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Surveys & 3D models

Our Drone surveys are a highly cost effective way to capture unique perspectives of your land,
development site, buildings or infrastructure.
We offer an ever growing number of deliverables based on your needs.

Orthomosaic Images

Orthomosaic images are created by taking multiple, sometimes thousands of high resolution downward facing stills.  We then use the GPS metadata collected with the images to stitch them together to create a single image of your entire site.  Think of it like a really high resolution, bang up to date, google earth view.  These are particularly useful for architects to use as a canvas for designs, in planning applications, recording site development progress and marketing.

Elevations & Plant Health

We can process the images we capture to provide a number of different data deliverables, depending upon your needs.

  • We can supply elevation data which shows level differences across a site.  This can be supplied with varying levels of both relative and absolute accuracy based on GPS data.  We can incorporate data from existing ground control points or provide GPS enabled ground control points to deliver survey grade accuracy.
  • We can supply a normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) which is an indication of plant health for use in agriculture.
  • We can supply point cloud data which allows a detailed profile of the surveyed area to be imported into CAD software.

Structural Surveys

We can access difficult to reach places in seconds and capture 5K video or high resolution stills to allow you to assess structural integrity or damage without the need for scaffolding or platform access.

3D Models

We can also create 3D models directly from the downward looking images.  However, we can also then enhance vertical representations by adding in additional oblique images.  We can then create annotated 3D models which the viewer can navigate around.  These are great for marketing or showing site development progress.  They also allow developers to incorporate images of actual sites into CAD designs.