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We can offer various options to suit most requirements.
Our prices are based on the quality of our images, service and experience.

How we do it

All jobs are priced based on a number of factors including, planning time, location, time on sites and expenses. Consequently, no two jobs are the same.  Most of our work requires a  2 person crew – one to fly, the other to operate the camera.  However, some stills and survey work, along with more simple video work, can be carried out by a single person – providing it can be done safely.  We offer hourly, half day (4 hours) and daily rates  based on the time on site and the travel time to get to and from the location.  Included in the crew cost is our crew van with mobile battery charging, PPE and any safety equipment that might be required such as cordons and fire extinguishers. 


Start by deciding what type of crew you will need for you particular assignment.  Please check with us before assuming you have a single person assignment.  It may be there are safety considerations which mean it would require a second person.

Drone packages

Then add your chosen drone.  All packages include all you will need for your assignment including batteries, mobile charging, lens options, ND filters, drone media and a backup laptop for data transfer.  Importantly, was also include a backup drone on every job in case of equipment failure. 


2 person crew

Hourly £150 Half day £550 Daily £880

Single person crew

Hourly £80 Half day £300 Daily £495


DJI Inspire 2

Hourly £30 Half Day £125 Daily £200

DJI Inspire 1

Hourly £20 Half Day £100 Daily £150

Mavic Pro

Hourly £10 Half Day £40 Daily £75


Post Production

If you simply need rushes or raw images, and don’t require any post production, we can provide rushes or raw images for you to work with further.  However, we can also perform all post processing that may be required as part of the project.  This includes video editing and grading and stills edits including any image fixes that may be required.  When carrying out survey work, there is always an element of post production required based on the deliverables required.  Post production will be estimated when we provide a quote based on an hourly rate of £75 or a daily rate of £550.

Flight planning and recces

Flight planning/recce days are charged at £385 per day.  However, if we are flight planning in the office, we charge an hourly rate of £50 per hour.

Ground based filming and photography

We can carry out ground based filming and photography alongside any drone package.  Please see the Dependable Productions website and call us to discuss your specific requirements.

All prices quoted are subject to VAT.  Discounts are available for bookings of 5 days or more.