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Drone Video

The use of drone video for aerial filming has revolutionised film, TV and video production.
The ease with which a fully stabilised, stunning quality camera can be put in the air makes drone video accessible to all.

Experience Counts

The Dependable Drones team have been filming TV pictures from the air for over 20 years and were one of the early adopters of drones, becoming commercially licensed in 2013.  We can provide single person operation for more simple shoots or a fully comprehensive two person crew with a dedicated camera operator for the best possible results.

If you are a broadcaster, production company or creative agency wanting aerials for film, broadcast or non-broadcast use, you can rely on our vast experience to help you tell creative stories in the air in HD, 4K or beyond.

Added Value

When you employ Dependable Drones, you get so much more than a pilot and a camera operator.  You get a team experienced in creating broadcast quality content.  You get pilots who also direct content so they know how to put the drone in the right place to get creative shots that tell stories.  We also understand that you may have a very specific story to tell in the air and you’ll find we speak your language and understand where our shots may fit into other sequences.

Using our Inspire 2 we can provide live HD pictures to your OB from an aerial platform that can stay airborne for almost 25 minutes.   Alternatively, we can stream pictures live to your social media channels.

We also offer a full production service through Dependable Productions. From concept to delivery, including ground based filming and graphics to those who may want a total solution.

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