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Drone Photography

Drone photography for outstanding marketing, planning and more


Whether you only need stills, or want to combine a stills with additional services, we do both. Shots from a drone provide fascinating, unique perspectives. We can quickly and safely take shots from multiple heights and angles with a live view from the camera on the ground. Aerial stills make ideal shots for residential property marketing, commercial property development, capturing events, news, marketing, and many others.

Drones put cameras in places that were previously impossible.  Over water, between buildings in our control or outside windows.  

The unique perspectives you can achieve from a drone allow you to show the scale and proximity with ease. 

We capture stills both as jpeg images and digital negatives (DNG) at up to 20 megapixel resolution.

Interactive Aerial 360 stills

360 aerial stills provide an interactive way for a viewer to decide where they want to look. We can add annotations to highlight key features and the results can easily be embedded into your website or viewed interactively on mobile devices.

Click on the example below and view it using a tablet or smart phone to get the full interactive experience. Select the headset mode and place the mobile device in a virtual reality headset. You can look around the scene for a truly immersive VR experience.