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The Cycling Show

Century TV produce The Cycling Show for ITV and wanted aerials of a cyclist doing two hill climbs – one in Yorkshire and one in The Lake District.


We would need to work on roads that would not be closed to traffic requiring us to maintain safe working distances from people outside our control.  Tracking a moving object has become much easier in the last twelve months, but when we shot this it all had to be framed by the drone operator.  This also meant operating at the far end of our operating limits at times.  We would also be working alongside car and motorbike based cameras on the ground requiring close coordination with the broader production team.


We shot the Yorkshire climb in the morning and the Lake District hill climb in the afternoon.  The weather held up for us.  There were a number of times when other vehicles caused us to have to back away from the road to maintain safe distances but this was all relatively straightforward as we had plenty of warning as we could see most of the hills.