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Himalayan Gardens

North Yorkshire garden & sculpture park in full bloom

“It is absolutely stunning, really it’s beautiful.”


The Himalayan Garden team



The Himalayan Gardens & Sculpture park in North Yorkshire approached us to make an aerial only film, as they thought it would be the best way to show off their stunning gardens.


We had a small window of opportunity when all the flowers would be at their best.  Coupled with needing a stunning, sunny day, time really was of the essence.  While we suggested using local volunteers to play the parts of visitors, the client decided that filming should be done on a day when the gardens were closed to the public.  During the recce, we also spotted an opportunity  to create a stunning shot by flying through a tree which would prove to be quite a test.

The real challenge in a setting like this is to capture detail, not just high wide shots.  Drones are at their best when there is forground detail in the shot, such as a tree to accentuate the sense of movement.  However, we have to be particularly careful when taking off in woodland as our return to home safety feature can be severely compromised.


With a close eye on the weather, we found a window and started filming in the early morning when the light was at its best.  We filmed in the air and using the helicopter gimbal on the ground to provide alternative shots and angles.  We set the beautiful pictures we filmed with rousing music to really show the gardens off at their best.

Our life is made easy when we have a stunning location and beautiful weather and the filming day was simply perfect.

We used prop guards to minimise risk when flying through the tree and were rewarded with a shot which would have been all but impossible prior to the advent of drone technology.


The film was delivered, but as the gardens were then closed, it was held until the pre-season period before the gardens were next open.  It will be used to really show off the gardens at their best and encourage people to visit.

The Himalayan Gardens team said “It is absolutely stunning, really it’s beautiful.”