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AV Dawson

Exterior and interior video, stills and an aerial 360 in a complex industrial setting.

“ Dependable were quick to understand our requirements and had the expertise, experience and creativity to build on this to deliver something of a higher quality than we had originally visualised”


Charlie Nettle – Marketing and Business Development, AV Dawson


Logistics Firm AV Dawson wanted to promote the facilities at its Teesside Hub and explain its service offer to both new and existing clients. The film was to enhance the company’s online presence and be used in presentations, but it also had to work at trade stands and so had to work for people viewing without sound.


The impressive scale of the firm’s operations meant it was an obvious choice to film much of the site from the air.  However, as they are mainly transporting steel, the drone’s compass was affected and we often had to fly without GPS.  We had to co-ordinate good weather with rail timetables, shipments and tides – no mean feat!


To provide a complete picture of what AV Dawson can do for clients, we decided to set the pictures of the facilities alongside facts that appeared as on screen graphics.  This also meant that the messages could be conveyed without sound.  We worked closely with the firm to develop a script that would encapsulate its services and made a number of site visits pre-production to ensure we got the most out of filming days.


The films were delivered on budget and on time and are being used extensively to promote the firm to clients old and new. AV Dawson have told us the films are already showing a return on investment.

AV Dawson told usI was so impressed at the quality of the first edit; the team had achieved so much more than I had anticipated. It’s an incredibly professional finished piece.  I’m thoroughly proud of what we have delivered.”